Physical Therapy In Rahway NJ

Our physical therapists provide treatment for injuries, illnesses and surgical rehabilitation.

Our physical therapy department are experts in the treatment of injury, disease and surgical rehabilitation through the knowledge of anatomy, physiology and the biomechanics of the body.

The physical therapy department at Doctor’s Choice in Rahway and Monmouth County is comprised of New Jersey licensed professionals. Their extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics allows them to provide treatment for injuries, illnesses and surgical rehabilitation. They know how to treat the pain and get you back in action.

Physical therapy is often prescribed as a follow-up treatment to chiropractic services. The gentle application of muscular massage increase range of motion through controlled exercises and other healing manipulations causing the patient to experience a feeling of well being and return to good health.

Our therapists use a hands-on approach accessing standard protocols and conjunctive modalities as needed. Treatments may consist of:

Manipulative Therapy
Consisting of release techniques which stretch the contracted areas and target strengthening of muscle groups, soft tissue circulation and joint range of motion. These myofascial release techniques enhance muscle energy and release muscle tension. Your back, neck, or other painful areas are returned to healthy and pain-free status.

The use of moist heat opens the pores of the skin, promotes expansion of underlying tissues causing increased bloodflow to the affected area.

The use of sound waves to improve the release of muscle energy and tension while quieting nerves and surrounding tissues.

Is reported to enhance the delivery of certain analgesics and anti-inflammatory agents topically applied by application of ultrasound.

This non-invasive method of inducing the absorption of high concentrations of medication transdermally by applying a low electrical charge to the effected area. The positive ions created by the charge attract and repel. The effect is to increase absorption of medication.

Therapeutic Exercises
The foundation of physical therapy treatment and recovery is the customized exercise plan. In a controlled setting, range of motion is measured and increased during work sessions which incorporate applying heat and cold to the affected areas as well as other referenced techniques. The objective is to safely return you to full motion and pain free use of the damaged or affected area. Stretching of muscle tendons and expansion of joint motion are accomplished during this process.

Home Exercise Programs
Our staff will teach you how to take the gains made in physical therapy and continue them at home. A specially designed program of “do’s and don’ts” appropriate for the stage of recovery for your condition is explained and reinforced through both our detailed written material and verbal explanations.

At Dr.’s Choice our physical therapy locations treat common problems ranging from headaches, backaches, sports injuries, sprains and strains as well as the more serious injuries to the spine, caused by auto accidents, falls and other concussion-type injuries. Our staff is expert in treating tendinitis, scoliosis, spinal stenosis, herniated disks of the cervical or lumbar spine and sciatica and acute and chronic pain.

Dr.’s Choice calls upon all the medical disciplines to diagnose, treat and resolve painful injuries and illnesses. Your return to good health is our highest priority.

Intake forms are conveniently located on our website to help accelerate your progress through our offices. The efficient treatment of your condition starts with the information contained on these forms and is the starting point for diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

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